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Best Running Shoes for Women

best-running-shoe-for-womenA very common mistake most beginners make is that they buy their running shoes from clearance sales or from departmental stores. This is the worst mistake that you can inflict on your body. It is very necessary that you buy them only from sports shops even if they cost you a fortune. If you buy a pair of ill-fitting shoes, there are chances that in a few weeks of starting to run you will have blown-out knee problems, shin injuries, hip, spine or foot problems or stress fractures.

Here are a few tips to choose the best shoes:

Choosing the right shoe shape is paramount to seeking comfort and obtaining the right style of running and jogging. To find the shoe shape, you will have to look at the sole of the shoe. Running shoes come in three shapes namely; straight, curved and semi-curved. You will have to choose the shape depending on how much you pronate. Straight shaped shoes are ideal for people who over-pronate. Go in for a curved shaped pair of shoes, if you under-pronate. For neutral pronators semi-curved is the best shape.

Ensure there is sufficient space at the widest part of your feet. The shoe should not be so tight that it hampers blood flow. Similarly, it should not be too loose so that it looks like you are slopping around.

Now comes the heel. Your heel should fit snugly into the back of the shoe. When you walk, the heel should not slip out of the back of the shoe.

The way your foot rolls from heel to toe when your foot strikes the ground is known as pronation. To reduce the stress of the impact, it is important that you have a well-balanced, neutral pronation. Neutral pronation is hitting heel up to the ball of the foot evenly through. If you over-pronate (your shoe wears out in the inside), then you will have to buy motion control running shoes. On the other hand, if you under-pronate (your shoe wears out from the outside), you need to hunt for cushioned running shoes. Stability is what you need to seek in neutral pronation running shoes.

While choosing the shoes for yourself, it is important that you check that there is adequate space available in the toe area. When you press your thumb just above the big toe, it should fit between the end of the toe and top of the shoe.

After you have checked all these parameters, wear the shoe and check its comfort and stability by running on a treadmill for a few minutes. Jumping around in your new shoes before you have purchased them is also an excellent way of understanding if the shoe is perfect for you or not.

Toning Shoes Reviews

Toning shoes are the latest entrants in the world of fitness shoes. After toe shoes, this is a new line that has suddenly become a rage across the nation. Everyone wants to own a pair of toning shoes that apparently helps in building the muscles of the legs and shaping derriere. The market is brimming with this footwear from various reputed manufacturers. The buyers are often spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing running shoes. However, one must not fall for false promises and tall claims made by these manufacturers. Remember, the right shoes help you perform better, hence, use your brains and make a wise choice. Our reviews may help you to choose the best piece from the available lot. However, before we make any comparisons, it would be wise to find out if they really work or not.


Reebok Easy Tone

They are touted as the best for women. They increase the muscle activity in calves, gluteus, and hamstrings by 28%. They come in cool colors and designs, and are available in shoe sizes 5 to 11. They are priced anywhere between USD 99.98 to USD 124.98.

Skechers Shape Ups

They have the widest range of variety in terms of colors and designs. They have three types of soles – removable insoles, supporting midsoles, and rubber outsoles. Women’s shoes are available in sizes 5 to 11, while men’s shoes come in sizes 6½ to 14. You can pick them at a price range of USD 110 to USD 130.


It is another reputed brand. MBT is known for its attractive styles. It offers 66 and 48 different styles in women’s and men’s shoes respectively. It comes with a price range of USD 119 to USD 269.


They have athletic toning shoes for both men and women. You can also participate in their online training program, which offers extensive butt work outs. Shoes are priced at USD 80.00 to USD 180.00, and come in sizes 5½ to 11 for women and 8 to 13 for men.


  • These shoes have an unstable, uneven sole.
  • The principle behind their working is that the uneven sole forces your leg muscles to find a balance point.
  • As the unstable sole throws you off balance, your muscles work hard to retain balance. This eventually results in working out of muscles in your calves and gluteus.
  • They also help in improving posture and firming buttocks.
  • Due to the innovative technology that is used to design these shoes, one does not need to run or jog in order to exert the leg muscles. You can work up your muscles simply by walking casually.
  • As a result, you are no longer required to spend hours at gym or jog in a park. All you have to do is perform your daily activities wearing these shoes.

However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this technology works in muscle building. Trials conducted by several fitness associations have proved that the increase in muscle activity while wearing this footwear is not significant enough to bring any change in the muscle constitution. On the other hand, normal running shoes often result in better working up of leg muscles. Similarly, there was also no change in the cellulite appearance after wearing these shoes for a considerable time. Hence, you might not benefit a great deal. However, these shoes may motivate you to exercise more and lose weight

Tips to Learning Skateboard

A skateboard is a wheeled board for riding or a short narrow board to which a set of small wheels is fitted on the underside, used to move rapidly or to perform jumps and stunts. They say that it can be a good alternative for surfing. We will discuss are the things you should use and will need before learning how to skateboard. First and the most important is of course the skateboard, the others will simply be for your safety, like protection gear for your elbows and knees, and of course you have the helmet to protect your head. As much as possible, you should also be wearing your proper attire for this activity. As much as a hundred thousand people yearly need medical attention as a result of a skateboarding accident, and the most vulnerable part of the body at such times are the wrists. Therefore, there are certain things to consider when choosing the right skateboard that will fit you, be it in size or in style.

The Gear

  • Length and width of the deck (deck is the actual board), it should have a space big enough so that when you step on it, your feet can relax on both sides, and according to studies 7.5′ deck is better
  • Concave or the slope of the board
  • Wheel size
  • Hardness
  • Truck height and
  • Skate shoes

Skate shoes will help you a lot so that it will not be that hard for you to land on the side of your foot and eventually injure your ankle. And for your protective gear, you should look for those that will be more comfortable for you especially when you are already skateboarding and doing some tricks.

Know Your Skateboard
It is important to understand your skateboard, that will be your soul when you perform. The skateboard is made of wood that is covered with paper glass. The underside consists of lagers, screws and wheels. The front part is called the nose and the rear side of the board is the tail. People who stand with their right leg on the board are called goffies and people who use their left leg are ‘regular’.

Best Way to Learn Skateboard
Learning how to skate especially for beginners is really difficult and challenging but when you get into the habit, it is very fulfilling. There are many tips and advise, not to mention formal education, that people give just to teach other aspiring skateboarders to widen their present population.

After making sure that you already have all the necessary paraphernalia with you and that you are already dressed up with the proper protection gears that you need, the next thing you have to do is to follow the following instructions. But first, keep in mind that you are still starting to learn and you should start from the basic.

ABCs of Skateboarding

First, is you need to have a good camaraderie with your board, you should be at ease with it, the length, the width and so on, feel your board and be comfortable in doing your basics like standing on it or even jumping.

Second, is choosing a position that suits your style, in some studies it says that there are 3 kinds of stance you can choose from and for some only 2. Those are:
Regular or skating with your left foot forward,
Goofy or skating with your right foot forward.
And for others they have mongo foot pusher.
There are a lot of ways to know the best position for you, but the best way to find it is by knowing if you are right-handed or left-handed. But, if you are wondering how to get on a skateboard, then just stand on your board. Ask someone to give you a push. The leg that you use to stabilize yourself is to be placed on the nose. The front leg helps in stabilizing you when you ride and the back leg helps push you forward. Those who use their front leg to push themselves forward are actually advanced skateboarders and beginners should not attempt this style.

Third, learn to get comfortable with your board. You should first attempt to skate in your home on a carpet or on asphalt. This will help minimize your injuries, if you fall. Try different poses and stances and learn to place the legs at the correct angles. When you start skating, place your front leg fingers on the hinges. Use your back leg to push you forward. Once you reach the desired speed, place the back leg on the board. Control the board with your front leg. If you wish to turn, place your weight on your back leg for just a second and then, attempt to turn the front wheels using your front leg.

Fourth, is pushing. Beginners are having some trouble in doing this, because the tendency is that the skateboard gets away when they try to push it away. The proper way to do it is imagine that you are just walking, you are just making a step forward and the foot stepping forward is the foot pushing in front of the skateboard. Another trick is that you have to make a powerful push and not a lot of less-powerful pushes. Just lean forward and bend your front leg slightly. Bend the back leg, at an angle of 45 degree to your body and push the ground. When you reach the speed, place the back leg on the tail.

Fifth, is stopping. There are several ways or techniques in stopping a skateboard, that include:

  • Foot breaking, this is the easiest way because you will just take off your back foot and drag it on the ground.
  • Heel drag, skateboarders who have skated for a while are the ones who usually do this. You have to step down on your heel but you have to make sure that the front half of your foot is still on the board, your heel should drag a short ways and you should stop.
  • Power slide, this is the advanced way to halt and since it is for advanced it will be better if we will not discuss it as yet.
  • Lastly is, when you don’t have any other choice but to jump off and just buy a new board.

Learning to Skateboard in Different Styles
Once you learn to manage yourself on a moving board, it is time you get familiar with various styles. We shall enlist some of the popular skateboarding styles tried by many enthusiasts around the world. These styles include:

  • Ollie
  • Ollie 360 kickFlip
  • Ollie one Foot
  • Pop Shove it
  • Air Tricks

History of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, as we all know, is hockey played on ice wearing skates. There is a puck instead of a ball that is used in field hockey. As it is ice hockey, it is pretty clear that the roots of this sport lies in a region where snow and formation of ice beds was a regular happening. Thus, the history of ice hockey starts from Canada.

Timeline of Ice Hockey

March 3, 1875
Montreal, Canada, was the place where ice hockey was played for the first time as an indoor game. James Creighton, and several other McGill University students, were a part of this game. This match-up involved 2 nine-player teams.

An artificial ice hockey rink was built in Chelsea, London, in England. It was named ‘Glaciarium’, and was mechanically refrigerated.

The initial rules of the modern form of ice hockey were laid down by J.G.A. Creighton, and then eventually, they were published in the Montreal Gazette.

1888 to 1892
There were two important things which happened in this period. First, the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada was formed, and second, the first-ever women’s hockey game was played in Ottawa.

The Dominion Hockey Challenge was introduced, which was later commonly known as the ‘Stanley Cup’. This was a trophy donated by Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston, and the Governor-General of Canada.

This was the year when the first artificial ice rink was opened in Baltimore.

The International Hockey League was formed by 5 teams in the USA and Ontario. This was the first-ever hockey league, and it lasted for 3 seasons.

Earlier, a 60-minute game, in this year, it was segregated into three 20-minute sessions.

Ice hockey was played at the Summer Olympics. It was later declared as the first World Ice Hockey Championship, and was won by Canada.

The first hockey broadcast for radio was proposed for a game between teams from Toronto and Kitchener.

Ice hockey gained a place where it rightly deserved―the Winter Olympics. This was a major landmark in the history of ice hockey.

In Canada, the broadcast of hockey makes its television debut, in the show ‘Hockey Night’, that was produced by CBC television.

This was the first time a goalie mask was introduced in ice hockey.

Edmonton Oilers, Quebec Nordiques, Hartford Whalers, and Winnipeg Jets join the National Hockey League, leaving the National Hockey Association in doldrums.

USA beat USSR in the semifinal, and then went on to beat Finland in the final for the Olympic gold medal. This was touted as a ‘Miracle on Ice’, and is one of the most memorable facts about ice hockey, especially for the US.

Women power was experienced, as the first Women’s World Hockey Championship took place, and was won by Canada (once again, it was Canada!).

The World Junior Hockey Championship was won by USA for the first time. But, to add another feather to their cap, Canada won yet another World Hockey Champions title. They went on to beat Finland.

California-based Anaheim Ducks become the first team from the US to win the Stanley Cup. Again a significant juncture in ice hockey history.