Best Running Shoes for Women

best-running-shoe-for-womenA very common mistake most beginners make is that they buy their running shoes from clearance sales or from departmental stores. This is the worst mistake that you can inflict on your body. It is very necessary that you buy them only from sports shops even if they cost you a fortune. If you buy a pair of ill-fitting shoes, there are chances that in a few weeks of starting to run you will have blown-out knee problems, shin injuries, hip, spine or foot problems or stress fractures.

Here are a few tips to choose the best shoes:

Choosing the right shoe shape is paramount to seeking comfort and obtaining the right style of running and jogging. To find the shoe shape, you will have to look at the sole of the shoe. Running shoes come in three shapes namely; straight, curved and semi-curved. You will have to choose the shape depending on how much you pronate. Straight shaped shoes are ideal for people who over-pronate. Go in for a curved shaped pair of shoes, if you under-pronate. For neutral pronators semi-curved is the best shape.

Ensure there is sufficient space at the widest part of your feet. The shoe should not be so tight that it hampers blood flow. Similarly, it should not be too loose so that it looks like you are slopping around.

Now comes the heel. Your heel should fit snugly into the back of the shoe. When you walk, the heel should not slip out of the back of the shoe.

The way your foot rolls from heel to toe when your foot strikes the ground is known as pronation. To reduce the stress of the impact, it is important that you have a well-balanced, neutral pronation. Neutral pronation is hitting heel up to the ball of the foot evenly through. If you over-pronate (your shoe wears out in the inside), then you will have to buy motion control running shoes. On the other hand, if you under-pronate (your shoe wears out from the outside), you need to hunt for cushioned running shoes. Stability is what you need to seek in neutral pronation running shoes.

While choosing the shoes for yourself, it is important that you check that there is adequate space available in the toe area. When you press your thumb just above the big toe, it should fit between the end of the toe and top of the shoe.

After you have checked all these parameters, wear the shoe and check its comfort and stability by running on a treadmill for a few minutes. Jumping around in your new shoes before you have purchased them is also an excellent way of understanding if the shoe is perfect for you or not.